Free Expense Report Templates

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Free Expense Report Templates

expense report

In small businesses, this can be as simple as running out for milk and paying with personal cash or as complex as sending an employee to a conference to learn a new skill that will benefit the business. In the latter case, that employee will need to account for their travel, lodging, meals, incidentals, and various other expenses. Instead of issuing corporate credit cards or proactive per diems to each employee, employers may ask employees to pay for certain business expenses with their own money. If they are reimbursable expenses, the employee should fill out an expense report and submit receipts to be reimbursed. Most firms choose between spreadsheets, templates, and expense reporting software to generate and track expense reports.

  • Using expense report templates is a quick way to track expenses for small businesses.
  • If submitting the expense report electronically, scan the receipts using the receipt scanner app and attach them as files.
  • When employees pay for business expenses with their own money, a report like this is perfect for tracking expenditures.
  • For each expense, simply enter the date and method of payment, who the expense was paid to, a brief description, and the amount paid.
  • Requiring receipts for all listed expenses on a report is essential to minimize errors and facilitate tax filing and audits for businesses.

For expense resources geared toward smaller businesses, see this article on small business expense reports, trackers, and spreadsheet templates. While there are many ways to keep track of business expenses, setting policies and staying organized will keep the process smooth and painless for you, your employees, and your tax reporting. In this guide, you’ll learn when and how to write a business expense report.

How to use an expense report template

It is very essential for to fully showcase the expenses of an entity and how these expenses have been used. Expense report templates are not only helpful for tracking business expenses but can also be useful in creating a personal budget. It enables you to identify areas where you can reduce costs and increase your savings. Requiring receipts for all listed expenses on a report is essential to minimize errors and facilitate tax filing and audits for businesses. Regularly collecting expense reports from employees, whether on a weekly or monthly basis, serves as a safeguard against budgeting inaccuracies and helps ensure responsible use of funds. This template summarizes credit card expenses to track business purpose and amount spent.

expense report

The more accurate your budget is, the easier it will be for you to run your business. The expense report is the most fundamental strategy for preparing your business’s budget. The expense report aids you in preparing an accurate budget for the organization that helps you stay relaxed and run your business promptly.

How to Create an Expense Report in Excel

An expense report can either be filled manually or electronically using accounting software or apps. If you travel for business – or use a personal vehicle for work — chances are you’re incurring some business expenses. This is also why it helps to use the IRS’s categories when designing your expense reports. If an employee pays for something out of pocket and asks for a reimbursement, you need some way of making sure the expenses they’re claiming are accurate. An itemized expense report (with receipts attached) lets you do exactly that.

Later, they will ask your company to reimburse the exact amount they spent. Keeping track of these small business expenses can be a surprisingly important step in understanding the financial health of a business. You might think that only the large expenses are the ones that really matter, but the little things always add up — so use expense tracking software to keep an eye on where your money is going.

What Should Be Included in a Business Expense Report?

They can use that information to budget for future conferences more accurately. An expense report that’s meant for someone other than yourself (or the tax agency) should go beyond a regular ol’ Excel spreadsheet. On the contrary, visuals and data visualizations can make them engaging and digestible. An expense is any instance in which a representative of a business outlays cash for a business purpose. But – especially in the case of employees seeking reimbursement – the outlay must be an actual business expense. Many companies have strict policies about this, so employees need to understand these policies before submitting expenses.

Many expenses can be deducted from the total amount owed, according to The Balance. Even with something like an expense report, it’s worth adding your logo, colors and fonts. Maintaining a consistent design across all your documents conveys professionalism — which is especially key if you’re starting a business and want to build a name for yourself. Looking at this expense report, the manager and the HR department can understand what an employee typically spends while at a conference.

Determine how much you’ll reimburse an employee for a business expense they made using their own money. The benefit of using these third-party applications is the level of automation they bring to the process of creating an expense report. Having this information at your fingertips also allows you to better budget for those expenses, or perhaps cut down on travel if costs are excessive. Based on corporate policy and the way the records are being used, different people can submit expenditure reports based on the need of organizations. The monthly expense/cost report lists every purchase and expense of a firm that the manager writes during the month, which is essential for business operations.

There are more than 30.2 million small business owners as of 2018, and they’re likely producing a lot of expense reports. The expense report is used for listing all the expenses that the company makes, all the items the company purchases, and the recording of taxes. Since an expense report can be hard to create especially in terms of formatting, we have listed free expense report samples and templates in this post. For you to have references for your formatting needs, you may download the specific template appropriate for the expense report in word that you need. It’s important to spend some time with your financial adviser and accountant to decipher all your expense categories and what you can and can’t include. That way, you’ll be able to get your deductions in a much easier, more timely manner, and it will be easier for all involved.

Once they do, your team members can use this template to input business expenses, explain what the expenses were, and submit them for reimbursement. Typically, this concludes your involvement in the expense reporting process. However, if the expenses in question are project-related, you may need to do some additional reporting. Make sure to include these expenses in the company budget or project budget to ensure you stay within project scope and on track with larger business objectives. Use this template’s unique month-by-month tabs to provide a comprehensive, multi-month account of all your reimbursable business expenses.