Advanced WPF Data-Grid Control

Advanced WPF Data-Grid Control

wpf advanced datagrid

Understanding the XamDataGrid object model is essential to using the XamDataGrid and the XamDataGrid Control Configurator. Real-time sample data is created after data binding the DataSource property; the sample data inflates the XamDataGrid on the configurator layout surface using the types in your project. Gets or sets the style applied to all column headers in the DataGrid.

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To activate this feature, set the DataGrid’s AllowDrag property to true, and the DragBehavior property to “Select”. The View must be a valid instance or subclass of TableView (ex. TableFlowView, TreeGridflowView). This dialog launching feature is noted by a small icon in the bottom right corner of a ribbon tab group. Single Select tools will drop down a menu with multiple options to choose from. When you make a selection from the available options, the selection will be made and the tool will close. Taking advantage of this feature will save the developer time by not requiring them to move newly added fields.

Separate UI from business logic development.

All DevExpress UI components fully support the model view ViewModel design pattern. With our WPF Data Grid, you can generate grid columns from a collection, bind its focused row to your view model, and much more. Our Data Grid delivers powerful runtime experiences that empower end-users. Its nearly endless array of UI/UX customization features means you can build fully customizable desktop applications that will adapt to the ever-changing needs within your enterprise. The settings of a grid and its elements can be persisted and re-applied using the SaveUserSettings and LoadUserSettings methods, respectively. By default, column widths, visibility, positions, and fixed-column counts as well as grouping and sorting criteria are persisted; merged columns, their positions, and their visibility can also be persisted.

If you want to filter the records based on DisplayText, you need to set ColumnFilter property as DisplayText. So all the unique items in the column are loaded in the AdvancedFilter ComboBox that allows you to select the value easily from the combo box and filter it. Because, filter predicates will be created with IsCaseSensitive wpf advanced datagrid as false. If you want to filter the records with IsCaseSensitive as true, you need to click case sensitive button present in Advanced Filter. Adding a blank row to the datagrid allows users to add more rows of data. Content-driven cell merging allows you to merge matching adjacent cells across columns and down rows.

The WPF DataGrid (SfDataGrid) allows you to clear the filters by clearing the filter predicates. Your end-user can print the contents of our WPF Data Grid with ease. The DataGridControl class also exposes the ExportToXps method, which allows a grid to be exported as an XPS document.

WPF DataGrid (SfDataGrid) provides excel like filtering UI and also advanced filter UI to filter the data easily. UI filtering can be enabled by setting SfDataGrid.AllowFiltering property to true , where you can open filter UI by clicking the Filter icon in column header and filter the records. The WPF DataGrid (SfDataGrid) provides excel like filtering UI and also advanced filter UI to filter the data easily. UI filtering can be enabled by setting SfDataGrid.AllowFiltering property to true , where you can open filter UI by clicking the Filter icon in column header and filter the records.

Advanced Filter UI

Occurs when a column moves to a new position in the display order. Sets the value of the DetailsVisibility property for the DataGridRow that contains the specified object. You can refer to our WPF DataGrid’s feature tour page to know about its other groundbreaking feature representations. You can also explore our WPF DataGrid documentation to understand how to present and manipulate data. Please refer this link to know about the essential features of WPF DataGrid. When the DateTime type value is bound to the GridColumn , then Date Filters are loaded in AdvancedFilterControl.

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The IsAsync property can be used when the get accessor of your binding source property might take a long time. One example is an image property with a get accessor that downloads from the Web. Setting IsAsync to true avoids blocking the UI while the download occurs.

Xceed DataGrid for WPF V7.2

FlexGrid allows you to perform full-text filtering, or searches, on your data to show all matching instances found in the datagrid. Search the entire grid or just a specific column and then highlight all matching occurrences. FlexGrid provides several built-in editors to enable efficient in-cell editing for numbers, dates, checkboxes, and data-mapped combo-boxes. FlexGrid delivers features similar to Microsoft Excel, such as keyboard navigation and selection, so it will be intuitive for your end-users. Review the list of development tools and frameworks supported by our products. We strongly recommend that you always download and use the most recent versions.

You can get the filtered records from View in FilterChanged event. When filter is applied, the filtered records are available in View.Records. FilterItemsPopulated event is raised after filter list items are populated. You can change GridFilterControl ItemSource by using this event. FilterChanging event is raised while applying filters to a particular column.

The below code snippet shows the Order class with an OrderDetails collection property. The OrderDetails collection property can be used to create a nested Field Layout if desired. In the above image you can see the Order Layout with a nested OrderDetails layout. By default, the default filter created by ICollectionView.Filter and DataView.RowFilter will not be applied to the data on initial loading. These filters can be applied on initial loading by enabling CanUseViewFilter property. FilterItemsPopulating event is raised while populating the filter list items in GridFilterControl.

What is the difference between DataGrid and DataGrid?

A Grid is a control for laying out other controls on the form (or page). A DataGrid is a control for displaying tabular data as read from a database for example.

ShowPrintPreviewPopup should be used when the application is being deployed as an XBAP, as XBAP applications cannot open new windows. The InsertionRow class represents a row in which values can be entered to insert a new item to the grid. I have done that and now we have the following code listed below. To do this, the first thing I did was to make the Person class a class of its own. Select the Project in Solution Explorer, Add, Class and call it Person. The XamDataGrid in the Control Configurator is a live running XamDataGrid.

Filtering is the process of retrieving the values from the collection which satisfy the specified condition. In the SfDataGrid the filtering can be applied though the UI as well as the programmatic filters. UI Automation (UIA) support enables accessibility applications, such as screen readers, and coded UI testing to examine FlexGrid cell by cell.

Hierarchical WPF Datagrid

FlexGrid supports drop-down filters in the column headers like Microsoft Excel with special filter editors for different data types. A WPF datagrid is a user interface control for displaying, editing, and analyzing large data sets. FlexGrid is a WPF datagrid optimized for high-performance and flexibility, enabling .NET developers to customize every aspect of the control. The flexibility of the DevExpress WPF Grid cannot be overstated. With its Conditional Formatting option, your app can easily highlight cells or rows based on specified criteria without writing a single line of code.

Cells and rows can be highlighted using animated data bars, icons, and predefined color scales. Users can easily apply/customize style conditions via the grid’s popup menu. You can display, edit and shape data against hundreds of thousands of rows at blistering speeds.

Additionally, columns can be set to proportionally fill the space (also known as “star sizing”). This ensures the grid always fills the page and look great regardless of resolution. FlexGrid is designed for handling large data sets up to a billion rows with filtering, grouping, paging, and on-demand loading with virtual mode. All parts of the WPF datagrid control can be styled easily without having to customize complex XAML templates.

Highlight cells as the end-user hover over them with the mouse. Configure the hover cell style to appear over single cells, entire rows, or entire columns. An Excel-like advanced filtering functionality is available when using auto filtering. This Advanced Filtering functionality can be used as an alternative to the FilterRow. Merged column headers can be used to present data more clearly and logically.

  • One of the main strengths of FlexGrid is the ability to customize every aspect of the appearance of the entire grid and individual cells.
  • You are never limited to how information is displayed for detail records – Detail Rows can display information as your needs dictate.
  • Get started quickly with automatic data binding to .NET data source objects or custom business objects.
  • The Control Configurator can’t run any user code or attempt to parse and handle any user types or styles in XAML.
  • So both checkbox filter and advanced filter (default style) will be loaded for OrderID column.

Whether using our grid in bound, unbound or master/detail mode, WPF solutions powered by our grid control will be blazing fast and responsive – regardless of dataset size and information complexity. Filter menu options are loaded based on Advanced filter type by automatically detecting the underlying date type. Display up to a billion data rows with FlexGrid, a powerful, high-performance WPF datagrid control. With the DevExpress WPF Data Grid, you can deliver intuitive user experiences and error-free data input. From TextBox controls and Date Pickers to our powerhouse Data Lookups, you can incorporate 20+ individual data editors within grid cells with absolute ease.

wpf advanced datagrid

In this case, the fields that do not contain data will not be displayed in the cards, giving them a more compact appearance. By default, detail descriptions are automatically created for most detail relation types; however, they can also be explicitly defined. When you select the XamDataGrid or FieldLayouts objects from the XamDataGrid Objects pane, you will be presented with the Field Layout Settings, Field Settings, and View Settings tabs. These ribbon tabs will surface common features that you can turn on and off at the XamDataGrid level. Here, advanced filter will be loaded for all the columns in grid except OrderID column since GridColumn.FilterPopupStyle is set as null for OrderID column. So both checkbox filter and advanced filter (default style) will be loaded for OrderID column.

How to create DataGrid dynamically in WPF?

  1. Creating DataGrid Column at runtime and assign to DataGrid.
  2. Binding property name with DataGrid column to display a property value in the DataGrid cell.
  3. Adding cell style in the DataGrid at runtime.
  4. Adding trigger into DataGrid at runtime.

FilterBehavior determines the Advanced filter type loaded in GridFilterControl. By default, both Checkbox Filter and Advanced Filter are loaded while opening the filter pop-up. You can switch between AdvancedFilter and CheckboxFilter by using AdvancedFilter button in the UI View. Here, OrderID column is filtered for the data which has OrderID as 1005.

Unlike single-select tools, the Multi-select tools will remain open to allow you to set multiple values. You can then click anywhere else in the Control Configurator to close the Multi-select menu. In some cases, you are presented with an All or None option in which case any previously selected options will be unselected, and the menu tool will close. The below image pictures a layout achieved by setting row, column, row span, and column span properties.

GridFilterControl’s loading performance can be increased by setting FilterMode as AdvancedFilter and CanGenerateUniqueItems as False. Because a textbox is loaded instead of AdvancedFilter ComboBox that allows you to manually enter text for filtering. Here, FilterRecords delegate filters the data based on Country name. FilterRecords delegate is assigned to SfDataGrid.View.Filter predicate to filter Country column. After that, SfDataGrid.View.RefreshFilter method is called to refresh the records. If the record satisfies the filter conditions, true will be returned.

You can achieve this by using FilterItemsPopulating event also. But in this case, Nullable type values will not be filtered in advanced filtering. Configure the selection mode per your requirements including checkbox support.

What is the difference between DataGrid and DataGridView in WPF?

The DataGrid control is limited to displaying data from an external data source. The DataGridView control, however, can display unbound data stored in the control, data from a bound data source, or bound and unbound data together.